At sourcey.m, we’re not any ordinary team – we’re the dream team, and we’re on the lookout for some seriously awesome people like you. Whether you’re a creative genius, a marketing guru, or a logistics legend, we want you on board!


Friendly work environment? Check.

Work-life balance? Absolutely.

We’re all about making work work for you. And no weekend texts from the boss – that’s our promise (unless it’s a funny meme!)

Our team is a blend of creative minds who share a passion for marketing and business.
Picture this: team meetings with work-ish talk, discussions on trending merch, and lively banter about pop culture and our adorable pets.

We’re a tight-knit crew that’s got your back and knows your coffee order.
We work hard, have a blast doing it, and celebrate victories together – that’s how we roll.

Did we mention we offer the warmest, friendliest, and best-est customer service in the biz?

Ask us anything – about the job, our workplace, growth opportunities.
Slide into our DMs or shoot us an email – careers@sourceym.com, and let’s kick off the conversation.

Feel free to share this with anyone you think might be “the” person for the job!


We are seriously proud of the AH-mazing team we have formed here at sourcey.m.

Small but savvy, we are a passionate Australian team with decades of trade and brand marketing experience.

Our team is built with people from creative backgrounds and experience.
When you work with us you’re getting die-hard merch enthusiasts, experts and, yes, addicts, the obsession is real.

Together, we offer the warmest, friendliest and best-est customer service in the biz! You can Fact-Check that!