We are seriously proud of the AH-mazing team we have formed here at sourceym.

Small but savvy, we are a passionate Australian team with decades of trade and brand marketing experience.

Our team is built with people from creative backgrounds and experience.
When you work with us you’re getting die-hard merch enthusiasts, experts and, yes, addicts, the obsession is real.

Together, we offer the warmest, friendliest and best-est customer service in the biz! You can Fact-Check that!



Firstly, everyone calls her Em and Em is the founder of sourcey.m! She is also the Creative Director for the business. She is smart, savvy and has a wicked sense of humour! Basically, she’s the creative engine of the biz and she fires on all cylinders.

With a seriously impressive background in Marketing and Events, Em knows first-hand how branded merch forms part of any good marketing strategy. Her corporate background and 15 years in brand marketing equipped her with some serious business chops before she launched sourcey.m a decade ago. Impressive, much?

Em is inspired by trending merch from around the world, enjoys finding Australian-made suppliers and loves to support Female-Founded businesses.


Have a coffee with Em: Make hers a Long Black on ice.

Water cooler chat: All 7 seasons of Younger on Stan, the launch of the newest gin distillery, and her extensive list of travel bucket list destinations!

Fun Fact: She once went to Las Vegas with Shane Warne and Jeff Fenech for the World Poker Tournament. She also got to hang out (as you do) with Mike Tyson in the VIP area of the Bellagio.

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Emily’s partner in life (and crime), Rob, joined sourcey.m in 2018. With almost 20 years of trade and customer marketing experience, overseeing some of the world’s biggest FMCG brands, they are a merch powerhouse.

Rob brings extensive shopper and customer marketing experience to the biz, having looked after some of the world’s biggest FMCG brands—think Heineken, Carlton Draught, Corona, and BigM. Familiar with those names?

Now, he sources, negotiates and builds solid onshore and offshore supplier networks for our customers, some of the biggest names in Australia and New Zealand. With his impressive industry connections, and a drive to be socially and sustainably responsible, he crushes every brief and has put sourceym at the forefront of the corporate swag space.


Have a coffee with Rob: He’s a classic latte kinda guy!

Water cooler chat: The latest craft beer he’s sampled (hey, it’s all in the name of *research*), or the weekends footy results.

Fun Fact: Rob is a serial bone-breaker. His bones, not others, just to clarify! He’s had more broken bones than anyone should have in a lifetime. Clumsy breaks, sports breaks, bull at-a-gate breaks, you name it! He even somehow managed to break a bone, as a kid while trying to catch a lizard! Can you guess how many he’s broken in total? (hint: it’s more than a dozen….)



Bianca, affectionately known as “B” is part of the furniture at sourcey.m. But not the flatpack, non-durable variety. She’s the Danish armchair that you couldn’t bear to part with. She brings stability, comfort, and calm to Sourcey HQ.

B has been part of Australia’s promotions industry for 20 years, and with us since 2018. Bianca’s superpower is her efficiency and encyclopaedic knowledge of the merch industry.

She manages multiple campaigns and briefs so seamlessly, and (almost) never gets ruffled. B can literally source anything – to any spec, budget or campaign objective. In fact, she is kind of the reason they call us the Merch Matchmakers!


Have a coffee with B: Like most Italians, B likes her coffee short & hot! Her kids even know to tell the barista her order!

Water cooler chat: Housewives & Anything Reality TV! There’s a lot to discuss!

Fun Fact: B has made a few TV appearances in the past. Only on a show called Neighbours, you may have heard of it?!

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Shelby is originally from the US of A, she now calls Australia home (after almost a decade of living here).

She started her career in the music industry, working for a record label and artist management agency in NYC. Then came her first taste of the promotions industry when she landed a job at a company specialising in band/artist merch. This paved the way for her career path.

Back in Baltimore, Shelby spent several years working in the hospo/sports world. It was during this time she met her Aussie husband, who was visiting the baseball ground where she was working.

When Shelby arrived in Australia she landed a job in the promo merch world and hasn’t looked back. Over nine years on, she’s going strong, and we are thrilled to have her!


Have a coffee with Shelby: Cappuccino, Full Cream Milk, please!

Water cooler chat: All things reality TV! Bravo TV junkie, obsessed with all Real Housewives, Vanderpump Rules and Below Deck franchises.

Fun Fact: She worked as a personal assistant for tennis legend (You cannot be serious!) John McEnroe and rock princess Patty Smyth.



Ella is the youngest member of the sourcey.m team. She worked for us casually in 2022, and joined us full-time this year. What a win for us!

She brings energy, creativity and youthful Gen Z vibes to our office. As her job title suggests, Ella ensures all our customers are HAPPY – and happy they are! She looks after our clients and suppliers, inventory at our warehouse, packing our beautiful sourcey.m hampers, building flat packs for our office, and plenty more.

Ella is the reason we are known for offering the warmest, friendliest and best-est customer service in the biz! You can Fact-Check that. She also helps some of the *ahem* older team members stay up-to-date with trending pop culture and keep us conversant in young persons’ speech.


Have a coffee with Ella: A latte is her go-to coffee (but anything with caffeine in it will do!)

Water cooler chat: Styles, Swifty…tactics for nabbing tickets to the Eras Tour while *working*. Hey, aren’t gonna compete with TayTay! #respectgirl

Fun Fact: Ella is an AH-MAZING dancer. She has been dancing since she was 5 years old (and has even taught some of our sourcey.m children!) She can pack a hamper and pirouette like nobody’s business.



Susie is the Creative Designer at sourcey.m. She has been part of the team for almost seven years and in that time has kicked some seriously impressive creative goals!

She has an extensive background in advertising, and managing promotional products divisions. And she has run her own design business for 18 years. She knows her stuff! Plus, like Em, she has four kids and has an unparalleled way of staying cool under pressure, and maintaining a sense of humour (it’s her superpower).

With an impressive knack for nailing every brief, and intuitively understanding each client’s unique objective, Susie delivers unique, creative designs, every.single.time.


Have a coffee with Suse: She’s a “love me a latte” kinda gal.

Water cooler chat: Her latest podcast binge (and she’s a bit of a junkie) the career/kid wrangling juggle, and her current sugar-free recipe (her banana bread is legendary).

Fun Fact: The sense of humour we mentioned? It runs in her family. Her bro is kind of a big deal in the comedy world. Think award-winning, stand-up comedian, and TV host…enough clues for you?



Michaela has been part of the Sourcey Team for four years. She came on board as our resident social media guru and worked on some big brands like parenting company, Tommee Tippee. Having four kids herself (are you sensing a pattern?) she crushed their social presence and massively grew their online community.

Sadly she left Australia last year to go and live in Southern California (where she taunts us with photos of endless sunshine and blue skies) but she continues to work for us remotely. With a background in marketing and communications, Michaela gets how important brand storytelling is and she nails the Sourcey TOV. Any copy errors are hers!


Have a coffee with Michaela: A long black (or ‘Americano’ in US speak). Don’t get her started on how bad coffee is in the US!

Water cooler chat: True Crime podcasts, her latest Nordic Noir binge, and what she is eating for her next meal (you don’t want to see her HANGRY!)

Fun Fact: An adventurous traveller, Michaela has been to more than 30 countries. She once chased a pick-pocketer through the streets of Barcelona to retrieve her stollen wallet. She cornered him in a busy square, screaming at the top of her voice and the thief dropped her wallet. Passersby cheered, and she celebrated at a bar with her new friends!



We call her Ange! Ange is ace! Ange keeps all our financial wheels turning.

She tracks and manages our finances with meticulous finesse. We would be lost without her.

She joined the sourcey.m team in 2016, having previously worked in banking and finance, and for a major soft drink corporation. In big business, Ange felt part of the spinning wheel with no traction. She enjoys the small biz, female-founded vibe. What a win for us.


Have a coffee with Ange: Make hers a Piccolo Latte (fancy, eh?)

Water cooler chat: Ange is a huge fan of Below Deck! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. She loves talking about holiday destinations. Mountains, country, coast…and camping, she loves it all.

Fun Fact: Growing up Ange always wanted to be a ski instructor or an archaeologist. Same, same but different, right!? Although some might say she does a good archaeological dig in our finances!!



Jane manages people and culture at sourcey.m and is the driving force behind our positive and productive work environment.

Prior to sourcey.m she worked in strategic HR roles within the hospitality, retail, education, and construction industries.

Jane also lived and worked in Canada for a year as a Wedding Planner. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia – even with 2 kids in tow! Her next dream destination is the Greek Islands.


Have a coffee with Jane: Make hers a Soy Cap or a Short Black, preferably drinking it while standing in a café in Sorrento Italy!

Water cooler chat: Books, Podcasts, Travel and…Closet Makeovers. Jane is a self-confessed “Spontaneous online shopper” (read: sucker for an impulse buy). Ask her for her latest closet saving hacks!

Fun Fact: Not many people can say they were part of the Sydney 2000 Olympics opening and closing ceremonies. But Jane can!  Talk to us about booking Jane for your next corporate gig!


At sourcey.m we combine your vision with our clever ideas, creative strategy and stellar execution, to make you stand out from the crowd.

Our team is ridiculously creative, collaborative and visionary, with a shared love for really cool branded merchandise.

Each team member brings enthusiasm, energy, and experience to the table.
The result is an A-grade awesome gang of creatives who work together to make your branded products stand out from the crowd.

And that’s why we are known as The Merch Match Makers.

sourcey.m sources really cool swag!


At sourcey.m, we're not any ordinary team – we're the dream team, and we're on the lookout for some seriously awesome people like you. Whether you're a creative genius, a marketing guru, or a logistics legend, we want you on board!

Think you've got the talent, the passion, and the spark to bring some magic to our team? We're all ears! Drop us a line at jane@sourceym.com, and let's make merchandise magic together!