Cafe Chalice Cup

Are you a coffee lover looking for a chic way to enjoy your favorite warmth-giving brew on the go? Look no further than the Cafe Chalice Cup! This fashionable 300ml ceramic coffee cup has a pleasant surprise: it’s lined with an easy-to-remove, heat-resistant silicone casing that won’t get hot to the touch. The slide-closure lid ensures your beverage stays where it needs to be – in the cup – and you can easily take it out when you want to enjoy your coffee during meetings or while taking a break. Whether you’re a client, corporate professional or casual customer who loves their morning cuppa, this is absolutely the ideal coffee cup for travel mug satisfaction. Treat yourself or someone else today and enjoy life with our Cafe Chalice Cup.

Ceramic, silicone


Branding Options
Debossing: 20mm x 55mm

(Remember to handwash as the Cafe Chalice Cup is not dishwasher safe)