EcoScribe PLA Pen

Find yourself reaching for the same ol’ pen day in, day out? Looking to make a switch but not sure where to start? Look no further than our revolutionary new EcoScribe PLA Pen – a versatile writing companion that will inject some much-needed flair into your tomorrow This retractable ballpoint pen is the perfect blend of style and sustainability all rolled up into one. Its contoured barrel ensures you can grip it comfortably while the refill itself is made from PLA – a thermoplastic derived from corns starch and sugar cane – meaning you’ll get 500 metres of writing ink without having had to sacrifice any of Mother Nature. It’s time to do something different. Make the switch today, and make more memories with our new EcoScribe PLA Pen!

Polylactic Acid

Dia 11mm x L 143mm x W 14mm (includes clip)

Branding Options
Pad Print: 60mm x 7mm
Screen Print: 55mm x 12mm
Direct Digital: 60mm x 6mm