World Ready Adaptor

Going on a work trip to a faraway place? Make sure all your devices are charged and ready with the World Ready Adaptor! This compact, stylish adaptor provides three smart USB (@2.4A) outputs and one Type-C (@3A) output, so no matter where you roam you’ll be able to keep all your phones, tablets, cameras, and more charged and ready for action. What’s more, built-in safety features — like integrated shutters, surge protection, and fuse system — give you peace of mind that your devices will remain safe no matter what kind of power outlets they plug into in over 150 countries. So when you’re on the go around the world for business or pleasure, don’t leave without adding the World Ready Adaptor to your bag! It even comes with a handy zippered pouch to keep it together and safe while in transit.

Zippered PU Case

54mm x 53mm x 67mm

Branding Options
Pad Print (Adaptor): Top - 30mm x 20mm | Left Side - 30mm x 15mm | Front - 25mm x 10mm | Right Side - 15mm x 45mm
Pad Print (Case): Top - 50mm x 35mm
4CP Digital Print (Adaptor): Top - 35mm x 20mm | Front - 25mm x 10mm | Right Side - 15mm x 45mm