Making a splash with Dolphin ‘Phins’

We live for the thrill of client campaigns, but when the brand brief is fun, playful and suitable for all ages, our excitement hits the stratosphere! And boy, did we hit the jackpot when we teamed up with the NRL to kick off the Dolphins’ first-ever season. With wild enthusiasm, we embarked on a mission that had our creative juices flowing.

Our goal? To craft a campaign that would stand out in the league, leaving an indelible mark while capturing the very essence of their brand. We aimed to create an experience so outrageously fun and playful that it would make fans of all ages jump for joy.

Enter their catchy slogan, “Phins up!”—a phrase that practically begs for a cheeky fin gesture (you know, the one where you slyly tuck one hand behind your back). Talk about a stroke of inspiration!

Together with our awesome client, we creatively conspired to create something truly extraordinary and timeless. We wanted a campaign that would embody the spirit of the brand (that doesn’t take itself too seriously) and become an iconic symbol for the NRL’s freshest team.

We set out to make a splash with the hippest fin in town. Incorporating that unique “Phins Up!” gesture into the launch campaign, helped to create a ripple of difference within the NRL.

Our mission? To captivate fans, spark electric excitement, and foster a sense of unity around this budding team. This campaign had to be the kind that lingers in minds and hearts, forever woven into our client’s brand identity.

We rallied our squad of A-grade creatives, sending them into overdrive to cook up something that would showcase the brand’s personality and values with unrivalled creativity. It had to be an experience that fans could dive into headfirst, immersing themselves in the playfulness and inclusivity that defined the team.

Sure, our primary goal was to launch the NRL season with an unforgettable bang, a campaign that celebrated the very essence of our brand. But we weren’t content with stopping there. We wanted to go the extra mile, by fostering fan engagement and establishing a unique identity within the league.

The Dolphins were about to make waves like never before. We prepared for a tidal wave of laughter, excitement, and pure unadulterated fun. With our unforgettable campaign, the NRL’s newest sensation conquered hearts, one playful “Phins Up!” at a time.


As always, we presented the client with various promotional options. But we knew it had to be the Fin for the win! And guess what? It was! Wisely, the client selected handheld Dolphin fins as the preferred promotional product.

These fins were chosen for their physical, fun, durable, and reusable qualities, perfectly aligning with the team’s “Phins Up” motto. Leveraging our strong partnership and supply chain, we created custom dolphin fins that precisely matched the desired shape and PMS colour.

These fins became tangible and interactive branded merch that NRL fans could actively engage with, showing their support for the new team. They not only represented the team’s identity but also provided a unique visual element, helping them stand out within the NRL. And let’s not forget, we’re huge fans of optics! Their playful nature resonated with fans of all ages, adding excitement and unity during games and events

The Dolphins team also collaborated with Budget Direct as a strategic partner to co-brand the fins and promote the “Phins Up” message through their social media channels and database. This partnership helped reach a wider audience and generate increased awareness for the campaign. It allowed Dolphins to leverage Budget Direct’s existing platform and engage their followers in the campaign initiative, further amplifying the message and creating a sense of community support.

Many of our partners enthusiastically joined the campaign, showcasing the Dolphin Fins on their social media platforms. Triple M featured the fins on their Instagram page, demonstrating their support and helping to generate additional buzz and excitement. Not to mention the many media articles online and in major newspapers across the country!

The strategic choice of Dolphin fins as the promotional product aligned perfectly with our client’s campaign objectives.

Collaborations with Dolphins and their partner Budget Direct and the enthusiastic support from other stakeholders further enhanced the reach and impact of the campaign.



Impressive, right? Over 50,000 fins were distributed at the inaugural home games. Interestingly, fans discovered alternative uses for the fins, even wearing them as hats instead of on their hands, showcasing their enthusiasm and creativity.

The fins became a powerful symbol of belonging, fostering a strong sense of community and camaraderie among Dolphins fans on game days. They created a unique bond, evoking a spirit of mateship and unity.

It’s fair to say the promotional Dolphin fins exceeded our client’s expectations, achieving remarkable results in line with their objectives. Furthermore, fans consistently brought the fins back to subsequent games, emphasizing their reusability and our commitment to waste reduction. This aligns perfectly with our “promotional products in your hands, not in the bin” motto.


Let’s throw in another number.


Yep, the Dolphin fins gained notable collector’s item status. The demand for fins in online marketplaces has driven resale prices up to $50 per fin (even though the purchase price was less than $2 each), reflecting their desirability and appeal among fans and collectors alike. This unexpected development highlights the enduring value and exclusivity associated with the fins.

The widespread adoption, reuse, and resale value of the Dolphin fins validate their immense success. These fins have not only amplified brand awareness but have also fostered deep fan engagement and a sense of pride in supporting the Dolphins.

But it’s not just about numbers…

The success of the NRL Dolphins campaign goes beyond numbers and extends to the positive feedback and testimonials we’ve received from our clients and fans.

The Dolphins’ Events Manager expressed overwhelming satisfaction with the campaign, highlighting its impact on their inaugural season. She praised our team’s creativity, dedication, and ability to deliver a unique and fun promotional product that aligned perfectly with their brand.

We received countless positive comments and messages from fans who attended the games and interacted with the Dolphin fins. Hundreds of fans shared photos and videos on social media, showcasing their enthusiasm for the fins and their involvement in the “Phins Up” movement. These user-generated content materials serve as authentic testimonials of the campaign’s impact and reach. And we just love ourselves some UGC!

And so, as the NRL Dolphins rode the waves of success, leaving a trail of joy and unity in their wake, we can proudly say that with the power of a fin-tastic campaign, they made a splash that will forever be remembered as the ultimate splash to launch their extraordinary journey in the league.




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Our goal? To craft a campaign that would stand out in the league, leaving an indelible mark while capturing the very essence of their brand.
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