Everything begins with an idea. And a decade ago, our Founder, Em, had one ticking. This idea would change the promotional products industry forever. Let’s wind back the Branded Merchandise clock and see how it unfolded… Em wanted to launch a merchandise agency like no other. She was tired of the same cheap promotional products pitched to her while she was in marketing roles. Crappy stress balls, clicky pens prone to snapping, fidget spinners and latex balloons (we know you remember the days!). And the websites of the time? Claiming they had thousands of promotional products ready to go? Well, it sounded promising but there was a big problem. You never knew if the quality was good or if the promotional items were in stock. You kind of had to risk it, place your order, display them at your event and hope they lasted the trip home (at least). Heaven forbid your customers would actually use, enjoy, and connect with your brand back then—the whole point of investing in branded merchandise, right? Feeling increasingly frustrated with the branded merchandise on offer, Em knew there was a gap in the market. The marketing and events industry needed a full-service branded merchandise makeover. And she was going to make it happen.

She was tired of the same cheap promotional products pitched to her while she was in her marketing roles.

Promotional Product Pitch

Em boldly called Crown Casino, having previously worked for them and maintained a relationship. She requested a meeting. They accepted. She pitched her idea to their marketing team and told them she would create the next range of branded merchandise for the Aussie Millions Poker Championship.

Em pitched a luxe offering that would ensure use, re-use and a talking point for lucky recipients; a pair of chrome-branded headphones in on-brand packaging to display throughout the casino. To her delight, they agreed!

She left the meeting, equal parts excited and terrified. That day she launched a business name. sourcey.m was born!

So it was a pair of headphones that started it all…

They weren’t just a pair of headphones; they symbolised the beginning of the change the merchandise industry needed.

Ten years on, Em has grown sourcey.m into a multi-million dollar business, expanded her team and has an impressive and growing list of Australian and NZ clients.

And Crown Casino? They got the buzz and the word of mouth they were hoping for. Years later, Em heard of people still using their Magic Millions Headphones, keeping the name in their minds—the ultimate branded merchandise goal!