The end of the financial year is right around the corner, and as marketers, we know the drill….

Use up the remaining budget before it disappears…

But, with so many areas to invest in, where should you allocate your funds for the greatest ROI?

Sourcey’s got you covered.

Get ready to smash the end of the financial year with some killer marketing moves. Don’t let your budget go to waste!

Here are FIVE killer ways to
maximise your EOFY budget:

1. Glow Up Your Sales Collateral & Gifting

Close more deals by giving your sales collateral a GLOW-UP. Showcase your products or services in the best light (it’s all about the lighting, right? #selfieconfession) and enjoy a revenue increase on the side.

2. Look the Goods

We know true beauty comes from within, but your team members need to look profesh. Upgrading to high-quality uniforms that reflect your brand’s personality helps build trust and cred. And the whole look good, feel good thing is a vibe! Think Macpac jackets, Stormtech vests, or Blunt umbrellas for the ultimate winter-ready look!

3. Shine Up Your Stationery

Real talk: first impressions count. And your business stationery is often the first impression a potential customer has of your brand. Investing in well-designed stationery can help create a professional image that reflects positively on your biz. Think Moleskin notebooks, Stylus pens or event-branded calculators for your sales team!

4. Sweeten the deal with a gift

Everyone loves a gift. Investing in onboarding gifts for new employees welcomes them into your company. From branded notebooks and mousemats to personalised coffee mugs and drinkware, onboarding gifts are like a warm hug (figuratively of course, not literally, that would be #awkward.)

5. Give EOFY Gifts to Your Clients

If you’ve had a great year (and we hope you have), thank your clients for their support. Giving thoughtful gifts always comes back to you, with grateful clients offering you return work. It’s a Win/Win!

So, there you have it.  Five killer ways to utilise your marketing budget before EOFY.

Don’t let your marketing budget go to waste – use it or lose it!

Get in touch today and let us help.